The fabrication facility is designed to undertake above-water steel and piping renewal work of ships and large variety of other steel and aluminum fabrication jobs of in house and on-board ships and at remote site locations. The fabrication unit has now extended its boundaries of work and incorporated various industrial units.

We feel proud to mention here that our skilled fabricators can renew pipes in engine room as well as in the tanks with the highest standards workmanship where auxiliary size of heat exchangers and steam condensers can be re-tube as per client’s requirements.

Major Areas of Steel Works

Listed below are few works from an extensive list of our works

  • General Hull and Steel repairs
  • Container Spreader Beam with Load Testing as per requirement of Lloyd’s register of shipping
  • Accommodation Refurbishment
  • Renewal of the strength member such as brackets, stiffeners etc
  • Repairing of mooring winch accessories including brake lining
  • Anchor chain replacement
  • Complete refurbishment of crane operator cabin
  • Cell Guide repairs
  • Fabrication of mooring buoys, marking and channel buoys