Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Al-Meena Marine Engineers offer Monthly annual Maintenance Contracts with the heart of Engineering criteria with promt response, time factor and service quality of work. Our Maintenance Team has the vast knowledge, experience and service of any models of generator, road blockers, Weighbridge, passengers and cargo lift. 

Program Benefits:

  • Semi-annual or annual generator service plans.
  • Reduced labor rates
  • Priority 24/7 emergency response
  • Factory trained technicians

A customized scheduled maintenance program for your emergency power system will ensure that your system is always in top operating condition and that your warranty requirements are met. Experienced technicians who are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of your system will change the oil, coolant and filters when scheduled. They’ll make sure the battery, hoses and belts are in good shape and carefully inspect wear points in order to prevent problems before they occur. Some of the steps taken to ensure smooth generator operation while carrying out scheduled maintenance include: 

  • Timely removal of worn out parts or upgrading the components
  • Checking fluid levels,
  • Battery inspection and cleaning of connections,
  • Load bank testing,
  • Verifying control panel readings and indicators,
  • Changing fuel and air filters,

We Offer:

  • Annual maintenance of generator.
  • Oiling, greasing and fueling.
  • Repair or replace damaged parts.
  • Make sure that they work properly.
  • Ensure prolonged performance.
  • Check its efficiency on various parameters.

Our charges are affordable as we offer complete surety on the work done by us.