Mechanical Repair

Mechanical Repair and Reconditioning

A team of qualified and certified professionals having extensive experience is always geared up to provide best possible to our valuable clients. It is our procedure to make economical and quality proposals for our clients. Get a service from Al Meena Marine Engineers 24 hours a day. Engineers with portable tasks and equipment with meet the any emergency in short notice to throughout Karachi in port area of Merchant Ship at Karachi Region. 

We are well equipped to carry out refurbishment of engine parts. Presently the firm’s workshop has a facility to carry out the renovation of the following engine parts.

  1. Main engine piston crown
  2. Inlet and exhaust valve / valve seat
  3. Cylinder head, exhaust valve body
  4. Turbocharger
  5. Remattling services provided in all the bearing shells
  6. Main engine high pressure pipe
  7. Pump impeller, pump casing, shafts, gear pumps
  8. Pneumatic and hydraulic tools.
  9. All type of coating process such as plasma coating / white metal / cold welding.
  10. Electro plating ( Hard chroming )
  11. Any kind of casting in MS / cast Iron / Brass and stainless steel etc. 

In a bid to improve and enhance the services being rendered in our workshop.