Who are we?

Al-Meena Marine is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and also registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), and registered supplier of HQ’s of COM-LOG and a number of other government and Semi-government organizations. and our workshop in Karachi Pakistan.

We are the leading company of ship repair in Karachi and spare parts supplier of ship repair Pakistan at Karachi Port and Port Bin Qasim. We have established our selves as one of the foremost privately owned repair facilities and undertaking afloat repairs in all aspect of ships. We have a fully qualified engineering and technical staff to render all possible assistance to you by way of repairs and maintenance. For the last 42 years, Al Meena Marine proficiently takes all kinds of marine repairs in general. Al Meena Marine is welknown name of ship repair in Karachi. We are leading company in ship repair in Pakistan because we deal in KPT, Karachi Shipyard, Port Qasim, and also a trustworthy contractor of Pakistan Navy. and we established our workshop in Karachi Pakistan.

We are a registered company holding Pakistan Government License and Karachi Port Trust license to work on ships and also possess out-in port gate pass if it is necessary to take machinery to the workshop for repairs. We carry out major, minor and various marine mechanical and electrical repair of ships belonging to international owners. Al Meena Marine is one of the leading ship repairing company at Karachi port and Port Qasim. We are very well acquainted with class surveys, such as Lloyd, Germanischer Lloyd’s, Bureau Veritable etc. We are very pleased to serve you in repair field in Pakistan ship repair. We are offering our services like board the vessels, inspection / survey jobs of work, discuss with Master/Chief Engineer and will give our best quotation for your good company.

Our Vision

Al Meena Marine Engineers has a long tradition in being a provider of quality service, operational safety and environmental protection in the offshore, maritime and shipping industry in Pakistan. Our goal is to constantly improve our reputation as a premier marine engineer, crew management specialist and to provide our services with integrity and reliability aiming for zero incidents and zero spills.

A key factor for success is motivating people to work together. Each one of our employees is a vital asset. But the team is always stronger than the individual. We do business by building teams. We team up with our customers, suppliers and clients. We don’t believe in traditional hierarchies where people at the top call all the shots and the rest just follow.

We prefer an open atmosphere of cooperation regardless of position or title. It’s important for us that all employees feel they belong to a team and do their best to help each other create success. We want our teams to WIN.

Why Us?

Al Meena Marine is a project-oriented organization that puts emphasis on efficiency, quality and control.
We take care to customer’s need, optimize our way of work and developed our unique quality management system that integrates all
the internal and external procedures to provides a executive approach of project.

This ultimately leads to improved engineering performance and reliability in delivering our projects in time and at  the quality level expected by the Client.

As the leading provider of technical services to the offshore and maritime industry, we work closely with our customers, and partner to ensure their success 24/7. Both onshore and offshore,

Al Meena Marine Engineers has always been driven by a strong team spirit, and a united drive to deliver superior performance.

Why Chose Us?

At Al Meena Marine Engineers, each contract awarded is taken as a proof of confidence from our customer.
Al Meena Marine Engineers has established strong technical management built on innovation preparing for the future and making sure that we remain the best-in-class marine rechnical service provider for our customers.
Our Expert Technical Management capability provides seamless, customized solutions.
Our position of strength and breadth of services and capabilities allow us to provide tailor made solutions to our customers.
What sets us apart from our competitors is our personal approach combined with our commitment to being one step ahead:
Al Meena Marine Engineers offers a wide range of services and solutions, tailored to suit the needs of you and your business – today and in future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to construct a trustworthy and reliable spot in Marine Engineering in Pakistan Marine Industry.

At Al Meena Marine Engineers, our mission is to go that extra mile to be our customer’s first preference to provide safe, high quality
and reliable services. We’re also committed to conduct our operations in a manner which promotes safety, protects human life, the environment
and property.
Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental responsibilities extend throughout the organization. Everyone is expected to take a personal,
proactive and constructive role in our drive for flawless, efficient, competitive and customer focused operations and to participate in
our efforts to achieve the full confidence of trust of our reliable customers.

Message of Managing Director

I have been able to effectively combine my Engineering Knowledge with a mindset naturally inclined to business orientation and in this I have been amply rewarded. I, as well as my company Al Meena Marine Engineers has achieved a good measure of recognition as well as success in my chosen field of professional Endeavour.

It is for this reason that I have had a strong desire to give something of myself back to Engineering Works that gave me my initial start in life. Hence the establishment of this organization, for the last 44 Years and the nurturing of its growth has been the most emotionally fulfilling of all my activities.

I have strived to provide the best of infrastructure, including the machinery, equipment and well experienced skilled force. I have also tried to create a good progressive environment in natural surroundings. In this I have been enthusiastically aided by my team and for this I thank them.

Thank you all with the warmest wishes.

Managing Director

Adnan Ahmed Khan