Main Engine & Generator Repair

Main Engine & Generators

Since the Mechanical Section is involved in repairing mostly parts and machinery that form the heart of a vessel. We ensure that these components are executed to exactness in terms of durability and strength.

These facts also contribute to the level of sincerity and dedication that our employees have while performing each work.

We repair as well as overhaul all types of Main Engines, Generators, Compressors, Heat Exchangers, and Mechanical and chemical cleaning of Coolers.

Some of our major areas of work are as follows.

Main Engine: Facing of Head and seat Rebuilding, Valve Grinding, Machining

Auxiliary Engine: Facing of Head and seat Rebuilding, Valve Grinding, Machining

Liner: Rebuilding of Piston Grooves and piston Crowns, Crack Repair (as per Class Requirement), Turbocharger Overhauling and dynamic Balancing, Fuel Pump Overhauling, Governor Overhauling, Load Testing and overhauling of Hydraulic Cranes, A/C and refrigeration Repair.

Our Mechanical Section is specialized in providing the following:

  • Overhaul of Main and Auxiliary Engines of any horsepower.
  • Overhaul of various makes and sizes of Turbochargers.
  • Lifting Equipment Repairs including different capacity Cranes.
  • Repair of Generators, Deck Machineries, etc.
  • Overhauling of Pumps, Air Compressors,
  • Heat Exchangers, Purifiers, and Engine Room Auxiliaries.
  • Service Pneumatic Valves and Actuators.
  • Reconditioning of Slew Gear-Box, Hatch Cover Driving Gear Boxes, etc.
  • Repair of Injector Devices.
  • Repair of Hydraulic Equipment.
  • Recondite of all types of Condensers.
  • Renewal Exhaust Gas Receiver Expansion below.
  • Repair Engine Room Blowers.
  • Renewal of various Strainers.

We ensure that the process of reconditioning is carried out in a way that defects are highlighted and rectified accurately while taking care of even the minutest defects. The machinists are versatile and exceptional and can express their professionalism by proving their best output. This is an assurance for clients that the reconditioning of equipment is guaranteed to be just as good as new.

A well-equipped in-house machine shop is the backbone of an efficient repair facility, The machine shop at Al Meena Marine Engineers is medium in size but it is strategically laid down to house essential machine tools.


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