Hydraulic Road Barriers

We manufacture and repair hydraulic road barriers.

The road blockers are manufactured in accordance with the international standards and its core material, Hydrogen is imported to ensure high functionality of Hydraulic Power Pack Unit. However, we believe in customization of each of its products as per the client’s budget and needs hence road blockers are available without imported hydraulic systems as well.

The road blockers operate in the temperature range of 0° to 60° Celsius which is ideal for Pakistan.

The road barrier is finished with the base painted black and the top and front are painted with black and yellow stripes to increase the visibility for the traffic.

Our Hydraulic Power Pack Unit Road blockers have integrated control panel which includes the following features:

  • Push button for the movement of the road barrier
  • Indicating lights to highlight the status of the position of road barriers to the traffic
  • The road blockers are specifically designed bearing the safety measures on the roads. Our road blockers have integrated limit switches to control the upward and downward movement of the signaling in order to ensure the safety of the traffic.
  • The control panel system incorporates an interface which takes input from various access controls such as, Swipe Card Readers, Proximity Card Readers, Inductive Loop Systems, RF Transmitter Equipment, and Biometric Readers, Manned Guard Panic Systems and so on but the system is capable of interfacing with other equipment and access routes to create an interlock.

Our Hydraulic Power Pack Unit operates on a powerful motor of up to 3kW power rating.

We care about its customers to ensure their satisfaction right from the start of the installation process and do not stop after the installation but continue for a lifetime. We provide 24/7 technical support to its clients through all available mediums such as phone and email. The product has a one-year warranty and the client is provided replacement if the warranty is claimed against any manufacturing fault and failures. We have trained our staff for the installation of its products and also provide on-site operator training to its clients in order to guarantee proper functionality and durability of the products.