Sandblasting / Grit Blasting

As the compressed air goes through the sandblasting machine and hoses, it causes a pressure drop and therefore less productivity. Normally, the sandblasting productivity will reduce 1.5% as the pressure reduces 1% based on 100 PSI. Keeping the nozzle pressure at the best balanced pressure, is key to achieve the best productivity. A pressure adjustable compressor in this case, will make this happen

Sandblasting / Grit Blasting

Sandblasting also known as abrasive blasting, sandblasting is a surface finishing process that uses an industrial spray gun to propel abrasive particles at a very high velocity against a chosen surface. A sandblasting machine is powered by an air compressor, which ejects sand (and other materials with the potential to be abrasive) out through a handheld nozzle.

03 Parameters for Sandblasting.

  • Pressure:

Based on the material (wood, cement, steel, …) and the purpose (roughing, cleaning, surface hardening, …), sandblasting applications need a different pressure. Atlas Copco’s PACE compressors provide the possibility to adjust the pressure according to the application’s needs and helps increasing the versatility.

Pressure is the power of compressed air. The higher the pressure, the more powerful the output. This also means that the recoilless will be higher, making the operator more easily tired. As for most things in life: balance is key. Also in the construction industry. For hard steel surfaces, 100 PSI offers the best balanced pressure, varying on the operator’s personal status.

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  • Wide Air Throw

In sand blasting, all the compressed air will go through the nozzle. The nozzle’s size and working pressure will define the FAD consumption. Insufficient FAD will cause a lower working pressure of the nozzle and reduce the productivity.  The PACE technology will increase the FAD of the compressor as the pressure is reduced, which can better fit the FAD requirement of your sandblasting application.

  • The Quality of Air

The quality of the air is always an important factor: both for the operator as for the application itself. The lesser the oil and moisture in the compressed air, the healthier it is for the operator. With sandblasting, moisture in the compressed air may cause the hose to be clogged, increasing the downtime. Presence of oil on the other hand may also contaminate the blasting surface. Our high performance aftertreatment, aftercooler, filter and reheater will guarantee you the highest quality of compressed air.

Temperature, exposure to contaminants, such as moisture or oil, and the overall quality of the blast medium are some of the many other variables that are integral to establishing what compressor and its treatments are best.

Whatever your project specifications, Al Meena Marine Engineers has the ideal solution. Just ask industrial maintenance specialist Service, who is currently using our E-Air portable compressors to sustainably drive the biannual revamp of a biomass power plant in the south-west of Germany.

  • Grit Blasting

Grit blasting is a technique that creating surface textures by the impact of hard particles. The particles hit a metal surface at high velocity, causing localized plastic deformation. The resulting texture is influenced by the shape, size, hardness, and velocity of the shot particles using high-speed particles.

 Grit blasting is a method of abrasive blast cleaning used to prepare substrates for a wide variety of purposes. These range from general cleaning, vehicle restoration, preparation of a substrate for subsequent painting, coating or lining, through to preparing large scale components and plant for Non-Destructive Testing / Evaluation (NDT / NDE).

We specialize in dry grit blasting and wet abrasive blasting for NDT / NDE surface preparation for the power generation industry, as well as other heavy industrial applications. Grit blasting is an extremely effective method of preparing plants, tanks, vessels, pipework, and components for NDT / NDE and for creating a surface suitable to receive a protective coating or lining.

Our services are also available within our fully equipped in-house facility.