Crane Load Testing and Certificate

Load testing after installation or repairing of a crane on a vessel or any site is a very important part to authorize the weight lifting strength of a crane, in Pakistan there are a few companies can provide load testing services according to international standards. Al Meena Marine is a well know name in marine industry in Pakistan who can provide load testing services in Pakistan on international standards with certificate in Pakistan. Vessel cranes of all types can be load tested using water bags and concrete blocks.Al Meena Marine has extensive experience load testing.

There are following types of vessel cranes:

  • Knuckle Boom Cranes
  • Cargo Cranes on Bulk Carriers
  • Cargo Cranes on Container Ships
  • Provision Cranes
  • Engine Room and Workshop Cranes
  • Hose Handling Cranes on Oil Tankers
  • Derrick Barge Cranes
  • Deep-water Service Vessel Cranes
  • General Use Deck Cranes

The use of water bags and certified load indicating equipment ensures compliance with regulatory and certifying authority requirements for periodic proof-load testing of these machines. We can provide certification of proof-load test results to internationally recognized standards  Bureau Veritable, Lloyd’s Register, and others.

Knuckle Boom Crane Load Testing:

The use of water bags or concrete blocks for vessel crane proof load testing services is recognized as a safe technique for slowly applying the test load. This allows technical problems with the crane to be recognized and corrected prior reaching the full test load. In addition, load water can be drained without have to lower the test weight. This would be helpful in situations where the hoisting system or brakes were compromised in some way.

Al Meena Marine can also provide custom designed rigging arrangements using company owned high capacity load cells, spreader beams, slings and shackles. Al Meena Marine is authorized company who can provide load testing service in Pakistan marine industry. Our load cells are re-calibrated annually to ensure the measured loading on your crane is reported accurately. In addition, our load cells are sufficiently accurate to allow for calibration of your crane’s load indicating system. This is normally performed by staging up the test load to several calibration points, thereby enhancing the accuracy of the measured load once the crane is returned to service.

General Cargo Crane Load Testing:

Rigging and equipment configurations for specific projects are reviewed and approved by one or more licensed professional engineers to ensure test objectives are achieved. In addition to providing personnel to perform onsite rig-up and filling of water bags or concrete blocks, we also perform a comprehensive range of engineering and technical services. Al Meena marine is fully equipped to make a comprehensive package for load testing and also provide international standard certification.