Electrical / Electronics Work

In a bid to improve and enhance the services being rendered in our workshop and electronic division has now started its operation under the supervision of qualified engineers. Renovating and winding of all sizes of electrical motors and Generator alternator are completed under one roof.

We can accommodate most of the electrical repairs right from fault finding to complete overhauling and rectification. The workshop is capable of rewinding of any capacity AC and DC electrical motors, transformers. The rewarding environment has injected a lot of potential in the workers and made them capable to carry out repairs and providing high standards Customer’s satisfaction, which is our first priority.

We keep sufficient stock of related to AC/DC motors, AVR gauges, switch-gear, circuit breakers, etc. All kinds of electrical and electronic safety devices are also in our stock. Auto control panels repairing and installation, Software and Hardware troubleshooting of PLC, Micro-controller, CNC cutting machines, PCB board.

  • Operation of various electrical instruments

Any kind of electrical operation or maintenance job is to be carried out with the assistance of several other electrical instrument and tools such as mustimeter, megger, clamp meter etc. Al Meena Marine Engineers knows the correct operating procedures to operate all these instruments and also know how to interpret the readings.


  • Starter panel routine:

The starter panel of every electrical system comprises of contacts which need regular maintenance for burnouts, breakage, deposits accumulation etc. The maintenance of the starter panel is a part of the planned maintenance job and all safety measures must be taken before performing the same. Al Meena Marine Engineers knows the right procedure for starter panel maintenance.


  • Insulation resistance:

All wires and cables in the electrical system are provided with an insulation sheath. This cover may get damaged after a period of operation. If the insulation resistance reading is at a lower side, it may lead to short circuit, earth fault and equipment damage. Al Meena Marine engineers knows how to maintain insulation resistance of wires and cables.


  • Earth fault finding:

One of the most common problems in an electrical system is the earth fault. Finding an earth fault is an exhaustive job which requires utmost patience. Al Meena Marine engineers know the methods and instruments to find out the earth fault.


  • Motor overhauling:

Electrical motors are present in abundance on ships. These motors drive several other machinery systems such as pumps, fans, purifiers etc. Maintenance of these motors is to be done as per the planned maintenance system and during the breakdown. The Al Meena Marine Engineers Knows

complete overhauling procedure of motors including the safety procedures required.


  • Bus Bar overhauling:

This task is normally performed in the dry dock. The bus bar of the ship carries and distributes the power generated by the ship’s generator. It is important to know the correct isolating and maintenance procedures for bus bar while the ship is at normal voyage or out of water in dry dock.


  •  Battery Charging onboard:

Batteries are used mainly for emergency power backup and for operating emergency LSA such as lifeboat. Al Meena Marine Engineers have the Expertise to charging and maintenance of the batteries with complete awareness to perform this process.


  • Adjusting the load sensor of mooring winch:

The mooring winch is important machinery used for berthing a ship to the jetty. The immense load applied by the mooring ropes on the winch is handled in a safe limit by a load sensor. If the load exceeds the limits, the sensor will trip the mooring winch to safeguard the machine. Al Meena Marine engineer has technical team to resolve the issues of load sensor of a mooring winch.


  • Engine Automation:

Engine automation is an important aspect to be considered during maintenance in order to ensure the overall safety of the ship. Both main engine and ship’s generator are provided with several automation, alarms, and trips. Al Meena Marine Engineers get the knowledge of the ship automation system and troubleshooting related problems within a survey of ship.


Our electrical engineer and technicians are experts in their field and capable of displaying utmost productively the quality of work that they do. They are able to carry out repair and deliver high standards of services to clients by focusing on each order as a unique challenge. As a team they are always ready and make themselves available 24 hours so that urgent jobs can be completed on time and as per ship schedule. We are well known name in Karachi ship repair as well as ship repair in Pakistan.

  • Overhauling and rewinding of any types and any capacity of AC or DC electric Motors.
  • Electric fault finding jobs.
  • Transformer rewinding.
  • Repair of Armature.
  • A.V.R manufacture & repair.
  • Coil rewinding any type.
  • PCB Board Repair.
  • PCB Panel Repair.