Mechanical Repair Work

A team of qualified and certified mechanical professionals having extensive experience is always geared up to provide best possible to our valuable clients. It is our procedure to make economical and quality proposals for our clients. Get a service from Al Meena Marine Engineers 24 hours a day. Engineers with portable tasks and equipment’s with meet the any emergency in short notice to throughout Karachi in port area of Merchant Ship at Karachi Region.

Marine Mechanics:

In the face of increasing demand, shipyards around the world are struggling to complete their orders on time. The biggest hurdle most shipyards have to overcome is that of cycle time. Customer demands are becoming tougher, while the pressure of providing quality products in shorter lead times and at competitive prices is constantly escalating.Outsource2india offers a number of critical services that help shipbuilders optimize project costs, respond to inquiries on time and reduce the cycle time for detailing and production drawings. You can focus on your core competencies while we take care of the details. Our offshore marine services division offers engineering support at every stage of the lifecycle of a ship, from basic design to detail design and from analysis of marine structures to computer-based training. Our services are designed to improve time-to-market, increase shipyard productivity and decrease costs.

Crane Repair:-

Crane engineers and crane technicians are trained in electrical, electronics, hydraulic and mechanical crane repairs. As such engineers can carry out all aspects of works on hydraulic system, Loading system etc…

Overhauling of Pumps:-

Overhauling of hydraulic motors and pumps, fault finding and repairing of control block system sea-water pump & lube oil pump overhauling globe and angle valve overhauling.

  • Alpha Lubricator
  • Pistons
  • Liner
  • Exhaust valve(overhauling)
  • Main bearing
  • Crank-pin bearing
  • Cross-head bearing and pin(inspection & replacement)
  • Connecting rod
  • Thrust bearing
  • Exhaust valve actuator
  • Fuel Pump (overhauling & adjustment)
  • Exhaust valve actuator
  • Main Starting valve
  • Starting air distributor
  • Starting valve cylinder
  • Piston Crown (replacement)
  • Piston rod stuffing box (overhauling & replacement)
  • Guide shoe (inspection & replacement)
  • Camshaft chain drive & guide bars
  • Camshaft (inspection & bearing replacement)
  • Camshaft bearing and roller guide
  • Fuel valves
  • Air Cooler
  • Jacket cooler
  • Lube Oil Cooler
  • Shock Absorber (overhauling)
  • Holding-down bolts (inspection & tightening)
  • Stay bolts(tightening or replacement